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About Dadidou

Hullo :) my name is Dadidou (it's an actual nickname people call me at home) and I'm a freelance illustrator, comic artist and self-proclaimed sushi addict.

Last year I quit my job in fashion after some personal issues and I hit a low point. It was then that I started to pick up drawing again as a way to channel my feelings and frustrations. Fast forward a couple of months and born was Sushi Girl. I can say this cheerful-looking, sushi-obsessed girl is my alter ego with lots of similarities to myself. I have since then been uploading her adventures on Instagram. My style in drawing Sushi Girl seems to capture the interests of some people, so I braved myself in taking personalised drawing commissions to broaden my skills.

Long story short is, this is how I make my living now. Funny how the world works. I used to draw my own adventures and doing drawings for other people since I was little, I'd never thought that I will do this professionally, after everything.

Anyway, I decided to join Patreon because it allows me to fund my art (*cough* sushi) and motivates me to be a better artist. Being a full time illustrator is quite challenging in a way that some time I will get enough commissions in a month to support my expenses, and other times I won't. Your support will not only allow me to be more focused on creating bigger projects, but also help me to sustain myself so I can keep creating free contents for everyone to enjoy.

Even a single dollar makes a HUGE difference and in return, you'll get to know me more and get some cool rewards (you are also keeping me off the street because of my sushi addiction :p). I appreciate so much any support of my art you’re willing to give, so I can keep drawing for you.

PS. Don't worry, you can edit or cancel your pledge anytime you want.

Mega hugs,
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Help me to be a better artist. I will make a special illustration celebrating this which you can download in high resolution. I will step out of my comfort zone for this illustration: by using watercolour! It has been one of my weakness, this medium, but for you, I will brace it.
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