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The articles on my blog are free and always will be, but as a patron you will receive PDF versions of my terrain and painting tutorials, campaign settings and encounter maps with a professional layout, exclusive photos and your name (or nickname) featured in the credits for as long as you are an active patron. You will also get short video clips illustrating a technique if it suits a tutorial.

The PDF versions will often not be exactly the same as the blog posts, much rather they will follow a theme e. g. "In a Forest, Darkly", "Mediterranean Terrain", "How to paint Carthaginians" etc. Accordingly I will not always publish the patron only content alongside the blog post, but rather shortly after or update already existing PDFs adding new content.
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Each month you can submit ideas and vote in Patron-only polls which terrain project, encounter, map or world building project I will tackle in the future.




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About DaggerAndBrush

Who am I?

My name is Christopher and I create terrain pieces, paint miniatures for various games in 28mm and 15mm scale, develop campaign settings and encounters for RPGs and finally draw encounter and campaign maps. I am and avid wargaming and Fantasy roleplaying enthusiast, but I love me some boardgames, too. All of these endeavours are better with good background materials and visually stunning terrain or appealing tokens and miniatures. 

Even the servants of Greenfelt the Defiler agree that good terrain makes for a better game.
Photo: DaggerAndBrush. Skeleton miniature used courtesy of Warlord Games Ltd. The well is based on a Hirst Arts cast.

What do I create?

To help you with your own projects and to show people that they can achieve excellent, naturalistic results no matter their skill level is my goal. I publish tutorials, reviews and articles regularly on my blog DaggerAndBrush. Those are free and always will be. Each tutorial features some background and reference photos, clear step-by-step instructions and photos and finally beautiful scenic shots that really show off the final piece and hopefully inspire you. I always aim to create the most naturalistic result possible without forgetting about the tribulations of the gaming table.

Hannibal's campaign clearly failed due to a lack of Patrons in Mainland Italy.
Photo: DaggerAndBrush. Figurines by 
Corvus Belli, distributed by Totentanz

Why Patreon?

I would love to publish content more regularly, but real life often prevents me from doing so. I would also love to feature videos and Twitch streams to show you some of the stuff that is hard to explain in writing or with a photo, but both requires significant amounts of time. This is where this Patreon campaign comes into play. Through your support I will be able to publish content more regularly.   

Patreon Reward Tiers - Loots!

  • Squire level: You just want to support me and see more content on D&B, but don't want to go for one of the higher levels? Then this one is for you.
  • Order of the Brush level: Patrons of all levels, but the Squire level, will receive an electronic pdf scale modelling/painting guide and ultimately a campaign book complete with stories, encounter descriptions, hand drawn maps and ideas for terrain creations. All this would be based on the tutorials and articles on my blog. Each time new content is published on DaggerAndBrush Patrons will receive an updated pdf until the first campaign book "In a Forest, Darkly" is finished. Accordingly the pdf is a "living pdf" that will grow with time.  You find a link to a preview PDF in the posts section below.

If you join the Order of the Brush you will receive a PDF guide featuring evocative scenic shots, easy to follow terrain tutorials, campaign maps and world building sections.
Photo: DaggerAndBrush. Figurines by 
Reaper Miniatures (Anirion Wood Elf Wizard and Ghost King). Ghost King converted using Warlord Games Skeletons, used courtesy of Warlord Games Ltd. Statue created using Reaper Miniatures Halbarand, Cleric and Perry Miniatures Foot Knights.

  • Chaplain level: The Chaplain and higher reward levels allow you to cast a vote on what I focus on next. This means the guides will reflect the ideas and suggestions of Patrons and are to some extend a collaborative project.
  • Sergeant level: If you are an aspiring terrain builder you can also  get email advice with the Sergeant level to help you out with your current projects. This is basically a one-to-one tutoring session.
  • Knight level: This level is similar to the Sergeant level, but instead of email advise alone you also get a monthly one-to-one Skype session to discuss your current terrain project. Email follow up is obviously included. 
  • Hochmeister level: Finally, if you are a company I also have the Hochmeister sponsorship level. You have an amazing new product and you would like me to write an exclusive tutorial that features it? Then this level is for you.

If you would enjoy one of these rewards and like to support me join the Order of the Brush today. No matter what you do, always wield your brush with honor!

Loyal well beyond death he took the whole concept of being a Patron a tad too seriously.
Photo: DaggerAndBrush. Skeleton miniature used courtesy of Warlord Games Ltd.


All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

All photographs and video clips were created by the author if not stated otherwise. Figurines, accessories and components pictured are used with permission.

Tarvasjõgi by Ireen Trummer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons was used as a backdrop in the first photograph showing Warlord Games Skeletons and a well based on a Hirst Arts cast. This also applies to the third photograph, showing sample spreads of the guide. The spread titled "Enthroned in Darkness" features this background picture, too. The transformed works are distributed under a [CC BY-SA 4.0] license and should be referenced “Picture by DaggerAndBrush (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons, based on Tarvasjõgi by Ireen Trummer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

$8 of $200 per Content Post (maximum of four per month)
With your continued support I can publish two content posts/sections for the PDF guide and blog a month and also produce short video clips that will focus on specific terrain building techniques.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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