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is creating fish tank videos, tutorial videos and more!!!!!!!
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beta are red violet and blue!!! (did you get it beta color?... okay i will don't do any pun joke because i'm sinking AHA did you get it did you!!!  okay no more..... ) 

reward: ????

aquarium plant
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plant give shelter, food and clean the water.

reward: nah... i just wan't to help

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your not fast like neon or not as big as Oscar but that's what make you special  


reward: name on the description




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hello and welcome to my patreon page, every dollar will help me to produce better videos and it will help me to upgrade my fish tank!!!!!. why am i doing this as a teen all my savings goes in my fish but sometimes it's not enough :(.......by donating in my patreon page you can help me upgrade my fish tank also i can get some new equipment for my channel!!!! 

thank your for all your support!!!!!!!
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i will do a thank you video. also some cinematic!!!!!
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