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DailyPixelArt aspires to become the internet gallery of pixel art. Currently hosting more than 235,000 pixel art pieces from over 30,000 artists.

DailyPixelArt is designed to help pixel enthusiasts to discover amazing art, follow artists you love and discover new ones. DPA also helps discover Pixel Dailies participation with ease as well as provide artists an automatic display of their craft. It is also a Twitter account that shines a light on pixel art that you might miss otherwise.

How it works

Quite simply, every 10 minutes our bots pull data directly from Twitter and store the relevant information about new artists and creations onto our databases. Every time we get new pixel art from Twitter we categories using the #hashtags the artist provided when posting it, we also categories it as a Pixel Dailies participation if needed.

Also every 30 minutes we check for updates about the pixel art we already have in order to update statistics about them, such as likes and retweets. In the meantime, we update artists information.

Why support this project

Supporting DailyPixelArt ensures its future and durability over time. As you might know, hosting a website and an ever-growing database costs money. The more time passes, the more pixel art we host, the more the costs goes up.

Keeping afloat DPA requires money, and crowdfunding is the best way to keep it free and without obnoxious pop-up ads.

DailyPixelArt is a one-person operation run by a pixel art enthusiast that thought he could help other enthusiasts discover amazing art.

Who am I

My name is Kevin, better known as MohnDoe, I'm 26 and live in Nancy in France. By day I work as a web developer and by night I work mostly on DailyPixel.Art (also on weekends). I try to dedicate most of my free time on this project because I'm very passionate about it.
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