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Daily Resell is a group that is unlike any others currently available.

A majority of cook groups use the same python-based monitors that all run on the same websites with the same proxies- all while somehow managing to drain member's bank accounts before making them a lick of cash. Cook groups regurgitate the same 'early links' and 'leaked info' making none of them special at all and being an overall waste of time.

Daily Resell is a group that is dedicated on reselling and moneymaking opportunities that currently are only available to members of our group. These opportunities are completely legit, are much less saturated than any others, and are guaranteed to make YOU money.

I will make it my personal duty to simplify this process as much as possible- to the point of being just a few clicks of the mouse to make immense and unparalleled profits. 

At Daily Resell, we do not only want to give back to the reselling community but also to those that do not have the privilege to resell as a result of mental or economic standing. Therefore, 10% of all profits generated following the 100 member cap will immediately go to the AAF Charity.

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