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Voters are the backbone of any democracy, and of our followers. If you want simply to support us in a small way, please sign up here.

You'll be charged no more than $44 in the year - that's 64p a week! (Or slightly more than three Freddos).

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You've got into Parliament, and for that you get some extra privileges. An extra long podcast, early alerts for tickets to our live shows, and extra sketches that no-one else will see!

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About The Daily Satire

We have been working for three years, satirising extraordinary times, but only whenever we can. Now, we want to make sure we can do it consistently.

Our plan is to do at least a weekly video for half the year, satirising the biggest bastards and buffoons of the week.

And then we want to do a daily podcast for at least 8 weeks in the year.

But that's just the start. The more you support us, the more we'll grow.

We won't charge our patrons endlessly. If you look at our tiers, we pledge to limit how much we charge. It can be as little as 64 English pence a week. Anything you can give us will help us keep going.

We delight in making people laugh about what's going on in the news, but that is a constant effort and we need every bit of support we can get. With your assistance, we can continue to do this.

Thank you so much for your help!
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When we reach $30 per creation, we will be able to always take the time to write our 27 episodes of Most Ridiculous Person of the Week. We will need more to ensure that we can film and edit them.

All of those first batch of patrons will be able to claim 1 free drink (equivalent to 1 pints of beer or cider) from our editor, Jack Blackburn. He will either buy this in person in London or wire the money.
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