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Hey! Thank you so much for your interest in pledging!

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About Daisy Clark

Hello, my name is Daisy Clark! 
I'm a singer songwriter from Cornwall in the UK.

I have loved music since I could walk and talk and I have been uploading covers and original music on to YouTube and gigging around Cornwall for years!  I'm now lucky enough to be a full time musician. After studying music at college, I'm now consistently gigging between Cornwall and London and sharing my music with the world!

I have come to Patreon in hopes of creating more of this wonderful thing called music to share with you all! I do a lot of gigs, however they can be sporadic and not a consistent source of income, and I do have youtube Adsense which contributes a little. However, as a self employed musician who is unsigned, I pay out for many of my musical endeavours!

 I love investing into something I'm passionate about, however Patreon would be an amazing way for me to fund some more exciting things!

Making YouTube videos is a huge passion of mine, and I would like to make them professional and as good quality as possible! 

Just having you subscribed to my youtube or listen to my songs is enough for me - it overwhelms me with gratification! However if you do pledge - thank you so much. 

Daisy xxxxx

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