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About Daisy Fentiman

I'm Daisy. I'm currently working on a game called "Rapid River Offices of Occurrences and Incidents." ROI is a supernatural role-playing game in the classic retro JRPG style with an illustrative twist. As the sole developer, I’m working to amass all of the game’s assets by myself.

Hope, protagonist of ROI (OLD ART! Will be updated soon. :D)

Information on ROI, as well as previews of certain game assets, are hosted on my website.
By becoming a Patron, you'll have access to Patreon exclusive posts and updates about the game, including art and music that won't be available anywhere else. As the game approaches completion, new tiers with greater rewards may become available, possibly including a Discord where you could chat with me directly about the game. ANY and ALL Patrons will be added to the Special Thanks in the credits of the game!
Daisy Fentiman ||| Artist and Writer
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If we reach $50 per month, additional rewards tiers will be added. I will also create a video/live stream once monthly. The video/live stream will be Patreon-exclusive, and will either focus on how I create assets for the game or will be a general discussion of the game with a Q&A.
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