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Sometimes many small things help to make big things! This small token of appreciation shows you care and small gestures are always sweet.
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-high fives- just for you, you'll get a sneak peek at the current project I'm working on.
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Oh dang, along with getting a sneak peek at the current project I'm working on, you get to also read about the band/movie/video game I'm currently obsessing over for the month. You'll also be able to recommend things I should check out, which will more than likely become my next critique installment.




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About Michi Huff

-wave- Hello and welcome to the page! My name is Michi and for the past few years I've compiled several prompts, ideas, and outlines of things I want to make. I've always liked working with my hands and I've found I've been miserable since I've stopped doing all of these things.
The end game goal is to make things regularly and feel good while doing it. These things will include photo series/studies, comics, art reviews(books, tv, movies, video games, and any museum adventures), sketching studies, and hopefully some more physical kinds of works (woodworking and sculpting).
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Starting small is what I try to tell myself to do (sometimes my mind gets ahead of itself but we're doing things differently this time). By reaching this goal, I'll have things posted 2 to 3 times a week.
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