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is creating words and questions that challenge the world about her

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I am passionate about exploring and questioning the world around me and draw inspiration from all walks of life, pop culture and eccentricity to political and social issues and global events. I am somewhat unconventional, occasionally controversial, doggedly determined and infuriatingly curious. Come and ask why?
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I am an explorer. I am a writer. I am quizzical. I am defiant. I am a whirling dervish. I am frustrating. I am flawed. I am a human.

Writing is not an easy business, in fact, it can easily take you to the very darkest and most sinister of places, but, for those will words in their brain, it is also a calling.

I am determined and passionate about exploring the world in all of its forms, sharing ideas and provoking debate, conversation and reactions. These days a writer has to compromise at every turn, but, should never waver from its commitment to truth and its personal and professional integrity.
I want to inspire questions, so, please ask why?, send me your thoughts and talk to me about what makes your world what it is.

The donations level is set low in order to allow everyone to become part of my most treasure brain treasure trove, but, in order to continue on the journey that that shapes my writing, I do need occasional help to keep the lights on and the brain ticking. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and will used exclusively to support my curiosity and challenges.  

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