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About Darren Ang (daj does VGM)

They call me daj, and I do accessible video-game-music (VGM) piano sheets ^^

On Youtube, I release live covers of every sheet I write, along with the hand-annotated sheets that I used for learning - with my fingerings, directions, and love <3

My mission is nothing more than to reach and inspire as many people as possible with these accessible sheets - I'd like to build an ever-growing collection of accessible VGM piano sheets with live previews on my channel, all for free.

And I absolutely love what I do. But there's always the potential to go beyond.


To reach more people, keep the sheets free, and to improve the learning experience for these sheets as much as possible, there are so many things I could invest in - chiefly, the video and audio quality.

And this is where, if you have the means to make a pledge to this channel, your help will be so greatly appreciated <3 


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