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About Dakram

Greetings! I'm Dakram, the creator of Woode and Wilde. If you're here from webtoon, thanks so much for reading my comic! This is the first work I've ever made, so I'm looking forward to improving my art skills as Nera and Clover's story progresses. I'm a senior college student, and also broke as hell (lol), so I am eternally grateful for your support! 

episode - downloadable episode pdfs 

Tier 1
I will post weekly WIPS here on Patreon, and I will also post a poll each month for the monthly illustration where you can vote for a character you would like Nera to cosplay as!

Tier 2
As soon as I've uploaded the episode on webtoon, within the hour, you will be able to download a higher quality version as a PDF here on patreon.

Tier 3:
Each monthly illustration will be uploaded on the 1st of each month. For the first month illustration (October), I will make all three of the patreon tier arts downloadable. From then on, I will focus on creating mobile wallpapers.
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I'll make a new tier dedicated to early access to the comic, and I'll have a poll for its name and art!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts