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About Dalton Galloway

Hi, My name is Dalton (Known as Sackinator3000 on YouTube)I am a 14 year old male. If you are one of my fans, welcome. However, if you are not. Let me give you some info.

Basically, I create YouTube videos, (No, i was never demonetized, nor monetized.) What do I create? Well.... I make FNAF Funko Action figure skits and games on LBP3. (Starting off Season 2 as a matter of fact.)

Its like a puppet show, except more.... PGish. My videos are intended for an audience of kids, heck, anyone can watch. I made a Patreon because I want to turn this into my job when I am older.
I find so much enjoyment out of playing with FNAF toys in front of a camera. (As crazy as it may seem).

I don't only create videos on YouTube, but I also make Levels/Games on LittleBigPlanet3 (PS3/PS4) Basically I make LBP3 games too. I am currently working on a FNAF3000 (Name of my FNAF skits) Movie. as well as a sequel to a semi-succesful level, Rofus and Dofus. So if you want to support me as a creator, donate to me if you want. Thank you! :)
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If I reach $10, Ill interview some fans!
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