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About Deconstructing Damsels

Once upon a time...inspiration struck a random human in the middle of the night that women might like to talk about women and their relationships within a book genre. In other words, Deconstructing Damsels is the brain child of a romance reader who wanted to talk about the damsels, or women in general.

Oh, and that reader? A woman with a love of studying women to start with. Every episode is recorded, (usually) edited, and pretty much created by me, Jessica Hannan, for the most part. Total labor of love, to use the beyond over used cliche. Occasional guest Sven does the YouTube account uploads and editing during busy seasons.

Here's what a pledge will offer the podcast:
Better equipment. That doesn't just mean a better mic or mixing equipment. It's also the ability to record with guest hosts, authors, and other podcasters. Polished but still quirkily Damsels.

Accountability section...and go:
- Right now, the podcast is recorded on a USB camera mic or phone. Which doesn't offer decent or consistent quality. And as the host, I don't want to bust out your ear drums with ambient noises or high pitch squeaks.
- A Google Cast account is $10 per month, which allows for those cohost opportunities as well as guest episodes.

More books. A lot of books are accessible in the library. This podcast loooves libraries. They're the best. But access can be limited depending. And Amazon freebies are brilliantly awesome. But may not represent what readers are interested in. For the record, Damsels is about inclusion and a lot of indie authors deserve love and attention, too. And authors deserve to get paid. Pledging upholds that whole supporting artists as a pretty important part of the mission statement.

...and more books means more content.
I love creating the podcast. It's a chance to add something to a community that's done a lot for me through the years as a reader. Content is queen and that's why there will be exclusive episodes in the Patreon section. Content that runs a little more emotionally personal. It's all about offering bonus looks into romance in off-the-pages society.
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- Request a book for $8.

- One time benefit, so no recurring charges per month.

19% complete
Audio Recording. Cast breaks down to $10/month. Will allow general content with guests and exclusive content for patrons.
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