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Open your ears, open your eyes, take a deep breath 
and tune into the explosion of magick.

I dedicate my life to the occult and want to share this passion with others. I specialise in media and communication, be it making films or evoking spirits. I invite you to join me in creating an amazing array of content designed to induce trance, conjure entities, accompany your rituals, entertain, inform and inspire your life and that of the others.

Your support will be invaluable. Your financial input will allow me to invest in better equipment, travel to more wonderful and strange locations and interview fascinating and magickal people. Your feedback will enable me to grow and improve my work. Having you as a supporter will increase my confidence and allow me to dream greater dreams. I will bring them to manifestation and you will add potency to this magick. You will be rewarded on many levels.

You can choose to familiarise yourself with my projects and their content. As you immerse yourself in the sounds and images you realise that what I do comes from deep within myself. This experience reaches you directly, that's why you feel more incline to support what I do.

Alchemical.tv will take you on a visual journey whilst Glen Faramach will take you on a sonic drift.


Myself and my spouse Anton Channing work together on the alchemical.tv project. Magick and film brought us together. We live together and film together. We share the enthusiasm. We edit using open source software and release films on Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA 2.5) license. I direct the majority of this work and Anton sponsors it.

So far we have produced short narrative dreamlike films exploring elementals, cryptids and shapeshifters, and a series of abstract videos that combined form Emerging Tetractys trance piece. We also made an interview documentary with Nick Coughlan exploring H. P. Lovecraft, body consciousness and other strangeness, illustrated with Nick's captivating artwork. I also created two short stop motion animations and a half an hour long sun rise meditation. We would like to produce more.

Our long term plan involves doing interviews and documentaries about the life and work of contemporary magicians, mystics and experiencers, both known and obscure. We want to explore places of magical significance, local mythologies, record rituals and activities surrounding magick as it happens.

We would like to produce more narrative films exploring the weird and unknown and produce a series of abstract trance inducing video sigils and evocations.

At the moment, time and funding restrict our range and capabilities and we hope to overcome those limitations. With your help everything is possible...

Glen Faramach

My solo pursuit in search of inspiring, evocative sounds that can be used ritualistically, incorporated into film soundtracks, music and every CC BY-SA 2.5 project you can dream of. I fully dedicate myself to this. I get up in the middle of the night or at dawn, I get to many locations and stay still in deep meditation even in the cold and rain just to capture the spirit of the moment. I take my recorder everywhere I go. As I do the recording I immerse myself in the spirits of the place completely. I open my ears to it and listen focusing my attention on nothing else. I breathe with its rhythm and end recording when the magick fades. When you listen to Glen Faramach you may allow your consciousness to travel to this space-time and experience it for yourself.

I have been producing and publishing these sounds since 2011. Doing this exciting work sometimes feels like being a SETI scientist. I broadcast and wonder is anybody listening? E.T. do you read me? That's where you come in! You will be my E.T.'s!

My next project involves mixing Glen Faramach tracks into primeval, animalistic trance tunes. I have created four of them so far and intend to make a full album released on CC BY-SA 2.5 license.

Photography and digital art.

The creation of art and photography accompanies the development of my other projects. I enjoy drawing, painting and making digital works. Some of them find their way into my films, like the seal drawings I made for the 'Selkie', or the elemental triangles and the photograph of a tree stump troll in 'Earth, Air, Fire and Water' segment of 'Emerging Tetractys'. Photography helps me to become a better camera person by developing an eye for the detail and better composition. I share my photographs on Deviant Art.


My magick and art would not be the same without the ability to communicate my ideas to others. I love sharing my insights, thoughts and experimentations. Writing can be the best way to do so. I would like to dedicate more time to produce quality essays and blogs focusing on the intersection of magick with the media in the broadest sense of both words. Area of my interest in this regard covers technology, ritual, spirit communication, demonology, semantics, NLP, hypnosis, visual culture, mythology and folklore. I will be able to dedicate more time to the exploration of these subjects provided I get more support and encouragement from people like yourself.

Crafts and Animation

When I created stop motion shorts I designed and made everything including the puppets and the set. Animation requires a lot of time and patience and a lot of materials. I would like to be in a position to hire a studio and produce stop motion again. For now I have to satisfy my crafty side with other projects. I enjoy creating magickal artefacts, jewellery and sculptures amongst many other things. These help to enrich my films as props.

The Plan

I want to progress by increasing all these activities a notch at a time. I am starting small and hope to get bigger and better as we go along. As my patron you will be receiving a newsletter with updates on my creative processes, due credit on project websites, torrents full of creative and magickal content, access to bonus materials, personalised gifts and many more exciting things. It will be fun so hop on board!

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