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**WE HAVE ONE-WAY TICKETS TO SPAIN START OF MARCH** So stay tuned if you want to be entertained by us trying to survive.

We’re just a couple of twenty-somethings that dropped out of University to pursue our own creative projects. We’re all about pursuing ideas and creative income products. Dan’s a film-maker and Prils is an artist/writer. We’re all about being real with all the struggles of being a young creative and human existence in general. Through doing what we’re doing we want to be the resource and social proof for young people that we craved.

A little more about us and why we’re doing this project:

I suck at the full-time work, renting, car owning, debt accumulating gig. It suffocates my creativity. I get incredibly stressed and addicted to coffee and gf treats and all the other emotional suppressors. I’m not that kind of gal.
I’ve always wanted to be an artist and a writer. And everyone seemed to want to talk me out of it by telling me to get a real job if I’m interested in eating/surviving.
And then I met Dan.
I got my ass to university last year. I lasted one semester after I met Dan. We started a project around being a resource for young creatives. (Mostly we just filmed cringe-worthy videos in our tiny university space, made our poor roommates watch them and put them on the internet.)
I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you hate EVERYTHING then you’re probably suppressing emotions and creativity. I’m guessing you let someone talk you out of what would light you up the most and make you watch less shitty Netflix. I’m guessing you’re in university or working some lousy job because you think you have to.
Get out of that gig before it eats you up.
We got chu. X


I would never have said that I was a creative person. Creativity is kind of assigned to people in school. I failed my final year of school. I procrastinated for years, working a lousy supermarket job and addictively playing computer games.
I moved to Australia when I was 19 and kept the same habits.
I got myself to university last year. I stayed in University until the first excuse to leave popped up (only took 7 months.) I met Prils and we dropped out of university to pursue an idea. I started seeing inspirations and social proof through youtubers, bloggers & vloggers.
I am self-taught. I learnt everything I know from books and the internet. I film, edit and upload a video everyday. I wasn't extremely interested in film and editing when I began making videos everyday. But when you leanrn what makes something tick, all of the nooks and kooks, it becomes very facinating. 
I want to teach other people to find and devolp their craft and creativity.

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