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you have spared me your pennies, and now we are bonded for life. 


~Discord Role, unless u don’t want it

~Your Name in every video of mine ever, from the day you sign your pennies over to me, til the day I die. {note: not applicable to videos posted prior to your devotion}

~ {1} Bonus entry into any and all giveaways I host on any and all platforms, even if you didn’t enter

~ Exclusive access to finished scripts for finished projects- can you spot the differences? :0

~ Exclusive access to teasers for upcoming projects

~Occasional access to the power over which game I play / complete next 

~You might get a letter, sometimes

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if you think my creations are worth your pennies, then your pennies are appreciated. If you don’t got spare pennies, not to worry, you are still appreciated. (´• ω •`) 

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