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About Dan Browne

Hi! My name is Dan Browne and I am an independent artist-filmmaker who has made 40+ films and videos since 2004. Thus far, my work to date has been almost entirely self-funded. However, now that I am a father of two, my time and financial means are increasingly stretched, so I am reaching out for help to continue pursuing my craft! I’ve started this Patreon account to raise funds for a new autobiographical film project and gallery exhibition. I am also looking to develop a means of dialogue with an audience that is more direct and reciprocal than the limited scope of festival screenings, or sharing for free online, which can have great scope but lacks return.

My style of filmmaking is different than a Hollywood or ‘industry’ approach... I view the moving image in the same way that a painter views a canvas, or a poet views a poem: as a daily practice that is personal and intimate. I do not compose scenarios in advance, and shoot and edit all my own material without a crew. Themes of landscape, nature and mediation are common in my works, as are the exploration of patterns through a dense and kinetic visual style. My filmmaking is also part of a broader practice that includes collage, installation, and performance. Over the years, I have presented my work at over 100 film festivals, cinematheques, micro-cinemas, and other venues worldwide. My video installations have been shown in public commissions in Toronto and Vancouver, I have performed live with musicians at various festivals, and I’ve exhibited my photos, drawings, sculptures, and collages a few times as well.

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