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Everybody who contributes 100$ or more to support my project, will be credited as 'Co-Produced by' on the video (provided, they want that, of course... I'm not gonna force anybody) ^^

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With a pledge of 1000$ or more, apart from an obvious 'Produced by' credit, I let you choose a destination that I can reach with your money ^^ so you will actively be influencing my travels, even ;)




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About Danetto

Hey, I'm Danetto.
A few years ago, I started my journey from a small city out into the big world.
My journey has already brought me half around the globe, but in order to continue my travel and my mission (to bring humanity together in a peaceful way), I need your assistance now.
My travels to the (often dangerous and tricky) off-beat places of human-kind are documented in my movie series 'Movie World'. Most of the money that I would get from your assistance, would go into the continuous production and creation of my 'Movie World' series. The rest I would use to stay alive and sane during my journey ^^
See the snippet of my series here: (link coming soon)
If you are interested in supporting my project, I am more than happy to receive your donations.
cheers for now

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