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-  H E L L O  -

I'm Dusty, the shadow behind Dangerdust. You might recognize me from the duo passion project 24 Weekly Chalkboard Quotes. Since then I've continued the mission of bringing words to life by creating hand-lettered illustrations. I use a variety of materials including chalk, watercolor, acrylic, and other traditional media. Simply put, I love creating and sharing new work with you. 

I joined Patreon to help fund my art. Your support allows me the time, space, and finances to create new works of art. By pledging you will be a virtual co-author of every creation.

-  H O W   I T   W O R K S  -

Choose how much you want to pledge per month. There are a bunch of rewards to unlock including behind the scenes photos, details about the process, sneak peeks, and timelapse videos. Every pledge makes a difference and you can edit or cancel at any time!

I appreciate all your support in whatever form you can give (liking, commenting, and sharing also counts!) Thank you from the bottom of my dusty soul.

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To celebrate hitting this goal, I will create a special thank you inspired piece and it will be available for download. 
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