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My name is Staks Rosch and I am a writer. Lately, I have been writing a lot about my support for Bernie Sanders and the progressive political revolution. When I am not writing about politics, I write about atheism and humanism on the Dangerous Talk blog for the Skeptic Ink Network (SIN). I also used to write articles as the Philly & National Atheism Examiner on Plus, when I find the time and can write a piece that might make it through the religious censors, I'll post an article on Huffington Post with the hopes to make it into the religion section for moderate religious believers to be exposed to humanism and atheism. Although lately I have been posting Bernie Sanders article in the politics section of Huffington Post.

There are also about seven book ideas in various stages of development that I have been slowly working on. Most of them are about atheism and humanism, but I am currently working hard on a political book focused around the Sanders Revolution. 

I am a stay-at-home dad to my two young kids.

Personally, I would love to do more atheist activism. For example, I guest lectured in a college sociology class on the subject of atheism and humanism and I was invited to a church to speak about atheism and humanism. Yes, you heard that correctly. I was invited to a church to talk about my lack of belief in God. I want to do more things like these and bring atheism and humanism to people who haven't heard the awesome news that Hell is imaginary too. 

There are other media projects that I want to create, but time and money are always factors. So if you read my writing, thank you. If you share my writing, thank you very much. It really means a lot to me. But ultimately, I still need to pay the bills and I would love to get some of these projects out there. Use my Amazon Affiliate Link and sharing my content, I would like to ask you to be my Patreon. 

One dollar a month, two dollars a month, a billion dollars a month, it's all good. Christians spend at least 10% of their income spreading their message -- and that's just money going directly to the church. How many billions do they spend on faith healers, crappy movies, and Creationist Museums? Even though their message is completely bullshit and the Bible has more plot-holes than a Michael Bay film, they can still push their message forward because they fund their memes. 

Don't worry; atheists do it better! Because our ideas are based on reason, logic, and the scientific method, we don't have to spend trillions of dollars to push our message. But we do have to spend something. So I am asking you to spend something. Be my Patreon! then find another atheist/humanist you like and be their Patreon too. We need to spread our ideas. We need to spread our religious criticisms to those who haven't heard them before. We can reach the tipping point where religion is treated like psychics are treated -- for entertainment purposes only. We can do it, but we have to do it together. You probably won't miss the dollar or two a month, so why not use it to help spread the wonders of reason to the religious? Think about it.

Oh, and check out my writing and share the blog posts and articles you like best:
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The Religion Newswriters Association is having their annual conference in Maryland at the end of September. Thanks to supporters like you, I was able to attend the 2015 conference and it was awesome! I wrote several blog posts and got to meet a ton of interesting people. To my knowledge, I was the only atheist attendee (not counting my fellow atheists who were tabling on behave of secular organizations) and I would very much like to go and represent atheism and humanism again. The cost of a ticket for one day admission was $260. Help fund my admission.
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