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Hi, my name is Daniel and I am writing poems since a bit more than over ten years.

Here are a few examples:

im Kreis

"bitte nur nicht im kreis drehen,
zu oft an der selben stelle vorbeigelaufen,
verzwirbeln sich die dinge,
machen haessliche knoten."

kleiner Hund

"ich komm mir vor wie ein kleiner hund,
der dir wie dumm kläffend nachrennt,
du tropfst bereits auf den bürgersteig,
dein alter gibt nichts anderes mehr her,
doch lass es mich mit freuden auflecken."

boese Gedanken

"die kranken boesen gedanken aus dem hirn treiben,
die, welche sie erfahren moechten, besitzen sie schon lange,
die, denen du etwas neues schenken kannst,
sie rauben dir ein stueck von deiner seele,
du magst beides nicht haben, menschen und gedanken.
am wenigsten das, was sie seele nennen."

I am also studying history and philosophy. Maybe that is why I am writing these poems. Or maybe it is because of my parents. Or maybe it is because I am German. East-German actually. Yes, that’s true, I am coming from a country which no longer even exists… (now I live in a country that should no longer exist).

Anyway. I got about 400 poems and about ten short stories. I am even working on a novel. But it's all in German. Please help me out to get everything translated! The goal is to publish an anthology of my poems.

Here are some voices and opinions about my work:

"The greatest poems ever. Go fund him"
(You-know-who, on twitter)

"Du musst mal einen Gedichtband veröffentlichen."
(Jörg Z., on Facebook)

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow still looms. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of murderers? Only the poems of Daniel Liebeherr can provide some consolation.”
(Nietzsche, recension of my work in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 13.2. 2017)

"Mag das denn keiner kommentieren?"
(Daniel Liebeherr, on Facebook)

And if all that did not convince you, then… maybe nothing can. But I can try, can’t I? So please watch my video.

I also got my own channel, [email protected] I will keep you updated.

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