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Freud said man is a being in search of Pleasure - thank you for the pleasure of helping this project move forward.  Your patronage supports the coffee that keeps me writing.  Hopefully it gives you some pleasure knowing you've supported such a worthwhile project.  Please head on over to DanielAFranz.com to see what I've written this week.
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Alfred Adler - student of Freud and mentor to Frankl, said man is a being in search of Power.  Your powerful patronage allows me more time to write and share these ideas.  Therefore, for your patronage, I'd like to answer a question you might have.  You ask, and I'll write on the topic in one of my weekly Mental Health and Meaning updates at  DanielAFranz.com.
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Viktor Frankl - author of Man's Search for Meaning and 50+ other works on the concepts of Logotherapy and meaning, has been the focus of my studies and experience helping others for years.  He tells man is a being in search of Meaning.  Thank you for your Meaningful contribution to this program.  As a result - once the Meaning Project is complete, you will receive the opportunity for a 50% discount on your first month membership.  Also, if you have a question you'd like me to write on, send it my way!




I've been helping people for over two decades.  As a psychotherapist specializing in Logotherapy, I've helped many individuals and couples heal and discover new meaning through struggles such as substance abuse, marital infidelity, and mental health issues.

I write about concepts and ideas ideas in Logotherapy and it's potential to help and heal on my website www.DanielAFranz.com - please take a look.

This page is to help support that writing, and to support the creation of The Meaning Project.  When I am not busy teaching, writing, counseling, coaching, or consulting, I am building a community focused course about the concepts of Logotherapy you can use in your life each day to heal from suffering, and to discover new meaning in your life.

The goal is to have that project up and running in the next few months - but that take resources.  Your patronage helps provide the resources of time and money to get the job done.  Once it is complete, The Meaning Project will be a community based course in Logotherapy and Meaning psychology.  It will be a place where you can learn more about discovering meaning in your life, quelling our modern day existential frustration, and the ultimate goal of self-transcendence and truly meaningfull living.  I hope for The Meaning Project to be a vibrant community where we can exchange ideas, give and receive support, and help one another, and therefore help our communities, achieve happier, healthier, more meaningful lives.

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