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is creating comics, animation, writing - English and French language.

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A commitment between a creator and a patron: the creator needs to feel some legitimacy, the patron wants to give him this opportunity, is curious about his stuff, wants to see more. Legitimator will get access to my content - naturally. Also to my "logbook": announcements, agenda, sketches, screen captures, feelings... Also nice personalized wallpapers I will create from time to time.
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It means 1 $ a week. The creator feels he is a part of patron's life. As those TV programs we follow each week, Milflady's characters are the heroes of everyday life. The patron will get a e-book for each completed chapter in the life of the Day family: each "set" includes around 24 comics, 2 months of production + a nice colorized cover.  On demand, patron will get the French version if he prefers...
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Patron enjoys Dandino's world... his comics... but also the animations. What I want to do is to dedicate an animation to you: your name - your website - will be linked to the animation (into the animation and on YouTube description). Not really a publicity, but... (Naturally your content has to be cool and accepted by me).




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VERSION FRANÇAISE, ICI. Hi. My name is Daniel Dandino and I am passionately working on the best project of my entire life, a comic serie in the style "daily strips". This family comedy features "too much normal people" facing our contemporary world. Basically a writing project, I have now decided to take charge of the artwork by myself after having developed my techniques and complementary skills. The characters I draw have the right proportions, but they are not necessarily "realistic". I always have done my art, my writing and my life with sincerity and authenticity: you will feel that, I hope, in "The Adventures of Milflady".
What I want to propose on Patreon: 2, 3, maybe 4 comics each week. Mostly 3 vignettes each strip. Black and white. I prepare simultaneously a French version, my first language. I am also creating short animations (more or less 2 minutes long), available on YouTube. My content is attractive, intelligent, coherent, funny, not especially conceived for kids (not educational or moralistic), but older kids will certainly enjoy it. I simply try to do the comics I would like to read…
What I want the most of all is to find an audience for my work, certainly because I will get some legitimacy as creator - but also as a person.
On Patreon, a Patron means a lot: he is a link to those readers, yes, but also an access to the legitimacy I always wanted to get. And I assure none of them will be deceived or disappointed by
The Adventures of Milflady.
(to be completed at a later time, including a short video presentation)

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Yokay, this is my humble beginning... What I want the most of all is to find audience for my work in comics and writing. To find my very first patrons means a lot: I will feel someone cares about my work - is curious about my humor - wants to know more about me. Ultimately, I will get legitimacy to be here and to stay the creative person I am...
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