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About Daniel Duane

Hi friends! I'm starting a new journey and I'd like to take you all with me. I'm moving to a new state, living on my own (yup, I'm saying goodbye to my mom's basement), and I'll be making videos to share my experiences, thoughts, and creativity with the world. 

Where are you going!?!
I'm moving from my home town in Michigan to the humble city of Lexington, Kentucky. 

But why???
I'm looking for a fresh start on life. It's has been great in Michigan, but I'm ready to take the next step towards achieving my goals as a filmmaker. For me, that next step is Graduate school. Yup, Grad school! I'll be studying towards my Master of Arts in Film and TV Production. 

How can I join?
Become a Patron! Your support will help me to create videos each and every month. The more patronage I receive, the more videos I'll be able to create. Or just enjoy my creations! As I document my journey through Grad school, there will be a whole new world of experiences to share, and I invite you to come along. :)
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