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About Daniel J Pilger

There is no formula for the creative process.  It takes time & energy to get thoughts into a presentable form. 

I have self-published three books of my own poetry that are available as gifts to higher-tier givers (and www.livresnoirs.com). My third collection is currently in the works and should be available by the end of 2019.
This Patreon is specifically designed with the intention of sharing a project that I have been working on for a few years now: YES, QUEEN. 
Influenced by Dadaism, mathematics, tachyons, popular music, Oulipo, process art and the Internet (what isn't?), this project has allowed me many moments of wonder in its creation & it has really only just begun.  I am presenting YES, QUEEN first in the form of a monthly zine/newsletter/??? to those are curious/interested in helping me begin to earn my living as a creator.
I look forward to a long life of creation.  I have many other projects I have envisioned creating through Livres Noirs.
I humbly thank you for helping me to live.
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This would pay for all of the legal rigamarole so that my press would be -as they say - legit, plus pay for the up-front cost to have a the first edition of my (already-complete) first book of poems published.
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