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When I look at this world I see such profound and infinite beauty. Living miracles walk past each other yet hardly notice what they are. Others dance, play and sing beneath stars which give birth to the dust from which our bodies are made, and I try to paint it all for the world to see.

Fear and doubt causes such unnecessary suffering. Without inspiration, new ideas and hope man will continue in a direction of ever darker accepted realities. Artists have the ability and responsibility to help man remember all the beautiful possibilities that exist for life on this Earth. 

Selfish behaviour makes us blind to the beauty of the all, while lonely souls wander lonely social structures I see cities of millions isolated from each other. There is such senseless pain in this world, but it will all change in an instant. The moment we find hope.

Over the centuries broken systems have formed a world that threatens both humanity and now the planet on which we live. This is not my world, and I will help change it.

The world which I believe in belongs to no one, yet it is shared by all.

My world is "our world".

Our world doesn't measure human wealth or worth by material things like money.

Our world does not need any money at all.

In our world the treasures are felt, remembered and lived.

True wealth cannot be bought or sold.

Our world is full of play, music, creation and learning.

Our world is a peaceful world beyond ideas and borders,
many tribes forming a single nation, only lead by love and truth.

Our world has abundant space for all to enjoy, because we live responsibly in harmony with nature.

Our world needs help.

There are those who do not believe our world can exist due to resource limitations, but when humanity and nature live in harmony together, then there is abundance for all.

Our world is probably a couple hundred years away from today, or a few thousand years into our past, but it is the dream our children will live through when we awake from the nightmare of selfishness.

Everything that is wrong with this world, the hurt and the violence, the suffering and greed, the hatred and deceit, all of it comes from a world without love.

All who love know this truth, because the truth itself is love.

To build our world we must work together in love, for love.

Loving thoughts are beautiful gifts, but alone they are not enough.

We must act on our love, and support others doing the same, for love has one body and spirit.

We must not be passive observers of other people's suffering, but stand up to protect our collective future from those who lie and steal today.

I am here to help create "our world", by changing "their" world.

I hope you will join and support that effort.

Much peace and love, 

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This will help me to create and print the first copies of my combined book. As soon as I have enough resources I will put everything down to focus on this work and send it to all those who have made it possible. Thank you :)
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