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About Danielle Ryer

Danielle offers 100% free services as a comic & radio DJ, and is a pay-what-you-can/pro-bono autistic self advocate coach in grad school.

Danielle is a 27-year-old Master of Social Work graduate student with a background in crisis counseling, public speaking, stand-up comedy, radio, and has experience in performing internship-level outpatient mental health services (family, group, and individual therapy).

Danielle offers online, phone, or local motivational, autistic coaching to individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

1) Stress management
2) What to do when ......
3) “What does this mean?”
4) Managing crisis situations/de-escalation

Services offered on a pay-what-you-can basis (up to and including pro bono). Donations appreciated and will go towards paying term bills.

> BA in Psychology from Rowan University
> BA in Philosophy & Religion from Rowan University
> Current Graduate Student in Master of Social Work at Rutgers University

** Danielle is a psychoeducator, and is not qualified to treat, diagnose, or evaluate for Autism Spectrum Disorder or related conditions. **

For professional services, please email [email protected]

Available for private coaching, speaking at schools, libraries, churches & more.
For examples of the services I provide, check out my YouTube channel! https://bit.ly/2rD0a4u