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About Daniel R Graham

Greetings and welcome! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Daniel R Graham - aspiring novelist and writer of serial fiction.

I'm releasing chapter-by-chapter updates on my serial fantasy novel White Stag Trials and episode-by-episode updates on my realistic fiction series Sonder Stories. 

I created this Patreon account as a way of committing to regular fiction updates. Life is busy - and staying focused on your artistic goals can be difficult when "real life" is often so pressing. I'm hoping to eventually publish my fiction - making the writing worth while financially - but in the mean time I'd be thankful to anyone who wants to support my writing by donating. The more support I have the more time I can dedicate to writing (and publish fiction more often!)

No matter whether you commit to financially supporting my fiction or you continue to simply read and enjoy what I write I am genuinely thrilled to have you along for this journey. :)
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My goal is to spend more time writing. When this goal is met I’ll write: 
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Sonder Stories Episode/ week
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