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A squire's life is full of adventure. And for adventures you need maps!

The Squire rewards include:

  • High resolution maps!
  • Labeled and unlabeled versions
  • Gridded and gridless versions
  • Night version
  • A vote in my Patron-only polls to decide which content will be made next!
Includes Discord benefits
per map

Being a knight is a true honour, and with plenty reward too.

The Knight rewards include:

  • Access to all lower tier rewards, plus;
  • Access to line art versions of my maps
  • Variations of all maps (different colour palettes, different items etc.)
  • Work in Progress pictures
Includes Discord benefits
per map
A Duke is a powerful individual, and you need to be able to shape your domain to your liking. 

The Duke rewards include:

  • Access to all lower tier rewards, plus;
  • Organised and layered PSD files of the maps.
Includes Discord benefits




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Hi, I'm Daniel from Daniel's Maps, a map artist from the Netherlands. I love to create high-quality RPG content for DM's and players. Among the work that I put out are world- and regional maps, city- and town maps, dungeon- and battlemaps and even the odd illustration or two. My primary goal is to create content that is system-agnostic and available to everyone.

I'll draw maps based on a theme that is decided by my supporters. Each theme will consist of at least one larger area map (eg. an island, forest or kingdom) and various smaller scale maps focussing on specific areas (eg. A city or town, a town square, forest road, or dungeon). The amount of maps per theme depends on how interesting it is to my supporters. We might decide to move on to the next theme after 4 or 5 maps, or maybe we'll flesh it out more before we move on. The next theme will again be decided by a poll among my supporters! Besides that, I'm always eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions so that I can continue to tweak my content to fit your needs!

The awesome thing is; all the maps that I create are  100% free to everyone. That means that you don't have to support me on Patreon to get access to the maps that I make. Feel free to use my maps for personal use. If you can spare some, I appreciate your support. If not, no problem!

As I said, all the content I create is free, so what's in it for you? Besides the main content I also offer rewards for my supporters based pledge levels. These rewards vary from alternate versions of the map, to having a custom map made! Find out more about that on the right side of this page or check it out below.

If you support me I can only say; thank you so much, it means to world to me!  

To check out my work, check out my website: danielsmaps.com

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact me at  [email protected], or join the Daniel's Maps Discord server!

All work is released under CC-BY NC
$325 of $500 per map
King Reward Tier!
When we reach this goal I'll add a new reward tier at $10 per month: the King tier. This tier will include all previous reward tiers, plus it allows you to request a single custom map.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 103 exclusive posts
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