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First dibs on new song recordings before I post them anywhere else! (Sometimes I'll never post them anywhere else). Plus, access to Patron-only messages from me.
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Story Behind the Song: access to a private video only for $3+ Patrons where I explain each new song's origin and meaning. (Good gossip material.) Plus the previous rewards: first dibs on new songs, access to Patron-only messages.
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Backstage Pass: invitation to a private Google Hangout with just me and the $10 Patrons, every time I release a new song. I'll play music and take requests, share works-in-progress, and we can talk about the mystery of it all. Plus a real backstage pass next time you're at a gig of mine. Plus the previous rewards: Story Behind the Song, first dibs on new songs, access to Patron-only messages.




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About Daniel Steinbock

I make music for people.

For those I love, those I miss, those I celebrate. For little bee, baby cakes, zuzie pants. For God, Buddha, and Buckminster.

I make it for those I've never met — but who listen, and find in the words or the melody some reminder of the power in their own two hands, some hope for healing an old pain, or living a long-dreamt-of life.

Most of the time I write songs alone in my bedroom, thousands of miles from the people — you — who inspire me. 

By joining in this project with me as a Patron, you'll stake out a front row seat in my bedroom, to witness each new song that, through some strange grace, breaks into the world through me. The tingly feeling that there's an invisible audience in here rooting for me really gets my fire burning bright. I can't thank you enough for that!

How this site works

Become my Patron to support and inspire me one song at a time. By clicking the orange button up there on the left, you'll automatically give me a tip in each month I release a new song to the world, and I'll give you the gifts below to say thank you. You can easily opt-out or in anytime. I don't do this for money — the songs themselves will be free — it's your inspiration that is priceless. 

I plan to release a new song about once a month but you can set a monthly maximum so you always stay within your budget (in case I go wild). Thank you, thank you all.

All music is 'name your price' on my website
( also available on Spotify  |  iTunes  |  Amazon )

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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