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This is the tier for the patron who simply wants to appreciate my work on youtube. You'll recieve my greatest appreciation and thanks for supporting me! Also you'll get access to posts I make here maybe with pictures from my life (my cat) and updates on upcoming videos.
Oldschool patron
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With this pledge you will get the same appreciation and thanks from me as the basic patron, but you will also be gaining access to some of my older videos of my choosing. This will happen on a monthly basis until I run out of older videos.

When I eventually run out of older videos, you will gain access to a new monthly video only accesable to pledges on this tier. You will be able to make suggestions as to the topic, but in the end, I will be choosing the topic and content.

Listening patron
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With this pledge you'll obviously gain access to the same things as the basic patron and the oldschool patron on top of receiving my immense appriciation, but you will also be getting access to a monthly podcast I'll be making beginning november 2017. 

The name of the podcast isn't decided yet and even the exact content isn't specified yet. I'm thinking it will be whatever I feel like talking about that month but it will definitely contain recommendations as to my favorite ASMR-creators/videos that month.

You'll be able to interact with me here and give me critique or suggestions as to what, I should talk about in my podcasts.

It'll be an awesome new adventure on top of our youtube adventure.




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Hey there!

My name is Malene, but on youtube I'm known as DanishVlog. I create ASMR videos and am one of the originals from way back in 2009 when it all startet as just the whispering community. I'm so proud of having been a part of that!

I've been on a break from youtube for a long time, but now I feel inspired to come back. Things have changed though and the content creators on youtube have amazing microphones, cameras and props to make amazing videos and I'm just not able to keep up with my webcam and headphone mic. I want to make better content for you! So I need to save up money to first of all buy a better microphone and it all starts here with you :)

You'll be able to pledge for several different tiers with different awards. Currently I'm playing around with the idea of making a monthly podcast for one of the tiers and a monthly video in which my pledges will be able to chose the topic. Finally I might just be persuaded to make some of my ooooold videos available for one of my patron tiers. 

Most importantly we'll relax together and maybe we'll get a little bit of the feeling from the old whispering community within our own little space here. That's exciting and inspiring!

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When we reach this goal I will remove ads from my videos on youtube! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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