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About Lex Mandrake

I'm Lex and I create an actual play fantasy/comedy show called Dank Dungeons.
I also collaborate with awesome streamers to play in and run games.
Check out some of my work whydoncha?

I want to be able to do more stuff! I'm looking to expand the kinds of content I make but devoting the extra time is tough with my limited funds. I want to poll patrons on ideas I have for new content and let them shape what I'm making for them. Some of these ideas include:
  •  Regular One-Shot Collaborations with Other Creators
  •  DMsGuild/DriveThruRPG Content
  •  RPG Opinion Videos and Interviews
Also, money makes production of the main series so much easier: from big things like getting music written for it, to the basics like paying for food for the cast and crew.

Well aside from that feel-good feeling of helping me out, you get access to stuff.
For starters as much behind the scenes content for the main series as you want. As stated above you'll be able to vote in polls to tell me what kind of content I should be making. If I'm making DriveThruRPG content you'll be able to get a free copy. Plus I'll make some patreon exclusive written content available. If I'm making videos or doing long-form podcasting or interview content, you'll be getting extras for that. 
This all kind of depends on what milestone we're at. The more money I'm getting, the more stuff I'm doing, and the more stuff you get.
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Pen to Paper
I start writing DMsGuild or DriveThruRPG content on the regular. On top of that I begin turning the show into a super edited podcast in addition to the regular video.
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