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Hi! I am Victoria, a free spirited artist who tries to make a living doing artsy stuff. I did a lot of children books and never had time to do a children book of my own so I recently decided to start creating a comic about my everyday life. Hope you will enjoy it.

I love books, rock music and I would love to live in a Hobbit type eco-friendly house :)
I love food, but I always try to lose weight, and I have a wardrobe full of clothes but I never had anything to wear... you know, girl stuff. :)

I have two dogs, one funny little rat looking chihuahua called Piggy (which is the size of a regular dog´s head) and big goofy dog I adopted called Archibald.
I am addicted to coffee mainly because I work at night so if you want to buy me a coffee you can do it for $1 a month and I´ll be super uber grateful to you. :) 

I have crazy packages if you really like my work and want to become my patron so you can take a look.

See ya!
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