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Oh my god! Thank you for supporting my channel and work.
Really appreciate it!

Your name will be shown at the end of my videos, like credits :)

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Thank you, your support means everything to me.
People like you just help me to create videos and games.

I will read your name at the end of each video.

It will also be shown in the credits.

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Wow, thank you! This means a lot to me.

You can suggest a video topic once a moth!

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I will read your name at the end of each video.

It will also be shown in the credits of each video.




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About Danny Bergs

Hi, my name is Danny and I love making games.

Learning Unity and C# for years I try to help new game developers with my free Video Tutorials on Youtube. Sometimes I post GIFs on Twitter or Reddit with helpful tips.

I handled topics like  Camera Zoom2D MovementDrag Linerenderer and 2D Groundcheck

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At the moment I study business informatics and have to work much in my spare time to make a living because I had to move to another city. With the money from patreon, I could spend more time creating games and tutorials for you guys.
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