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Thank you for your dollar! Now I can actually get to the locations I need to be in the first place and buy myself a coffee in the field to recharge my batteries and shoot more.

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Thank you for your dollars! This tier will provide you with a monthly set of topical pictures, the subject of which will be decided by me following a community poll.

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Thank you for your many dollars! This tier not only provides me with means through which I can pay my accommodation, but it also helps me survive on more than instant soup!
Of course, for your generosity, I will be willing to do make a trip to one of the rail-connected Romanian cities/villages and take a few pictures on the topic Rent Paying Angels vote on via poll. Of course, this might take some more time and effort than usual, and might suffer delays depending on the workload from university and/or exams.

The number of RPAs will increase according to demand.




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About Dan Șerban

My name is Dan and I am an enthusiast photographer and psychology student from Romania. In the past year I have discovered that not only do I have some form of skill with the camera but that it is actually appreciated by people around me. As a result, I have seriously invested myself in studying the art and tools of the trade. The only issue left at this moment is that I do not own my own equipment, all my work being entirely reliant upon a good friend who used to lend me her camera and lenses.

After a while I decided to start a career in the field, but cutting to the chase there are simply not enough funds between university and accommodation to sponsor equipment. Dishearteningly, a few more surprise costs rose up from nowhere recently and added some more distance to the dream. This is where Patreon and you come in!

Currently, I'm planning on working in every single photography field I can find employment in so that I can get a better grasp of the trade and improve my final material. That requires me to at the very least own:
  1. a decent camera
  2. a decent pair of lenses
  3. a tiny amount of money for transportation

While I am working to get those funds on my own, any sort of help will greatly improve my chances of getting my work out there quicker and obviously motivate me to put more effort into it.

Therefore, I hope that the next few ideas will hook you on my dream and show you that I stand apart from most Patreons. :)
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This amount of money will help me get the absolute basic accessories for photography: a protective bag, some lens filtres to protect the lenses I use and perhaps the odd coffee.
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