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About Dan Bennett

My teachings focus on my philosophy entitled Water Pianism.  Very simply, this involves observing nature's own teachings and applying them to life at and away from the piano.  More here:  http://piano-jazz.blogspot.com/p/water-pianism.html

I despise seeking money but it cannot be denied that one requires it for living.  Everything I do, since the moment I posted my first video, was not to make money but quite a few people have asked me for a way to donate or become a Patron so I was obliged to humbly react to those requests.  The money goes towards equipment, as well as nuavoidables like rent and cat food!  If I have excess (which is very much not the case!), I will start a fund (and future plan, a foundation!) into which that excess money will go for the benefit of others... but that's a while off yet.

Whether you're a Patron or not, my videos will continue, every comment and email shall be responded to and all requests shall be noted and more often than not created into a video or article.  Do note, also, that the pledges to the right are just options and that one may donate however much one desires.

Becoming a member automatically provides you with my Podcast Series for free by way of thanks for your support:  http://piano-jazz.blogspot.com/p/podcasts_19.html

Welcome to the world of Water Pianism.


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Such a monthly online income would enable me to constantly update software and hardware and spend more time on videos and articles without having to look elsewhere (translations) for income.  My cats will get a monthly treat, too, I expect!  As a Patron, you are supporting your Water Pianism Community.  I may have founded it, but You make it, You encourage others and You are considered family there.  I shall redirect as many funds as necessary to the growth of both the Community and my own YouTube and Blog presence and output.
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