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Hey, I'm Dan.

I'm pleased you're here.

Have you ever felt like your job isn't right for you? That you are doing all the 'right' things, you might even be successful. But down inside there is a gap.

That's where I found myself. I had spent a decade doing the 'right' thing - working hard, learning and practising my skills. I had built a reputation as a business coach and management consultant. Every day was able to work with businesses and charities. To help them create better, more fulfilling places to work.

The ironic thing was, I was no longer fulfilled myself.

I started to take notice what it was that I loved about my work, and what I didn't. I loved the cause - the need for people to be happy at work. What I didn't like was having to work in offices every day to do it. I hated being pigeon-holed into a role that just focused on delivery at all costs. The biggest cost were the lives of the people I worked with.

So, how could I be happy in what I did? While effecting the change I wanted to see and honour over a decade of work in my field? I needed to embrace my creative side. I have always championed effective visual language in my work. That stories were the most powerful tool we had.
Being an illustrator was the logical choice for me. But I wanted to have a firm foundation in this very new and scary field. So I started a distance learning degree, with an aim to finish it as I move into visual communications.

I still plan on helping businesses. But it will be different: More targeted, more creative. More visual.

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Not everyone can afford to do a degree or sign up for endless classes. Plus you don't get to see what you actually have to do to make progress. The failures are just as important as the successes, and people deserve to see both.

So I am not doing tiered rewards. Honestly - every patron I get will make my heart sing! It's confirmation that I am not alone, and other people want to learn. To come along with me on my Adventures In Illustration.

I want you to pay what you can. Pay for your membership based on what value you think my content has for you. I want to support your challenges, your fears, and all your accomplishments!

$1.55 of $170 per month
It costs my about $1500 for every module that I complete. My goal is for the act of learning to be able to pay for itself. I have to fund my studies on top of running a household, so to balance out the cost of learning will be a huge milestone for me.
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