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About Danzie Reviews

Hey guys, it's Danzie!

I'm a YouTube content creator!

...although I'm sure you already know that because how else would you have found my patreon page?



While it is true that I make a small amount of money from YouTube itself, because the cost of equipment and the time commitment needed in order to make these videos is pretty high, this has always been a hobby that I've payed for out of my own pocket.

While my dream is to one day be able to do this as a full time job with the money I make from YouTube, in the mean time, any and all financial support from awesome people like you helps me to get further towards this goal!

Now, right off the bat you might be thinking:

"How often do you put out new content?"

Currently every Thursday at 10am PST. 

"Will you stop making videos if you don't get X amount of money?"

No way! I love doing this, and would make videos while living out of a cardboard box if I had to! Having more funds just means that I'll be able to dedicate more time and resources into creating EVEN MORE videos that are longer and of higher quality!

"Are you going to hide your videos behind a paywall?"

Nope! My main content will always be free and available for you guys! However patrons will get access to bloopers/outtakes of these videos... as well as a few small bonus videos that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day.

"Do I get anything cool for donating?"

Totally! Look to the right to see the rewards!
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Hitting this goal will help me invest in better equipment and software to make higher quality videos.
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