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Hello, my name is Daren Hillhouse. I grew up in Utah and we have moved to Springfield Ohio, close to wife's family. I am vlogging to share my adventures of exploring a new state. I created my YouTube channel originally to share my adventures with my family back in Utah. I learned through this YouTube Journey that there are people that are interested in my journey as well as supporting my family and my YouTube Journey.

I have recently taken up more Live Streaming whether it’s on YouTube or on Mixer. I enjoy streaming because it gives me the opportunity to interact with my community. They can ask me questions, get to know me more and we can have some fun.

What will I do with your money?

I will use the money to grow the channel. Whether it’s a piece of equipment I need to repair or replace. As I grow my channel there may be other pieces of equipment that are used. Even though I try to do what I can with my full-time job earnings. There isn’t much left over after supporting my family.

However, I want to be clear. If you like my content, you don't have to become a patron to get all of my content. I want all of my content to be free for everyone. 

If you are interested in partnering with me to help support the creation of more and better content that is what this page is for.

Becoming a Patron is not a requirement.

Don’t think that you’re required to become a patron, you’re absolutely not. Becoming a patron would just make it easier to create quality content for you, as well as making sure my family is taken care of.

**Please note**The intent with the support from patrons is to put that towards the channel, however, what I use the money for will be at my discretion.
$0 of $20 per month
When I reach $20.00 per month I'll do a monthly Patron only live hangout.  This will give me an opportunity to interact with each and every one of my patrons.  You will be able to ask me questions and interact with the live stream. 

What I will use the Patreon money for will be for making content.  Whether it's for a day at the fair, waterpark, or another event.  

I work a full time job that pays the monthly bills. However, it doesn't leave much for any of the other activities or equipment. 

I want to be able to film more regularly and provide more content on a regular basis.  The help from Patreon would allow me to do this.  I won't have to worry about taking money from my monthly bills and expenses.

As well as the activities and events, I would like to upgrade my camera equipment.  I am currently filming on an iPhone and a GoPro.  However, I would like to upgrade my equipment to provide better quality videos. 

As always you're not required to become a patron.  I will still continue to make and create content for YouTube and my website http://darenhillhousevlogs.com By becoming a patron, it would make it easier to create more content. 

Thank you all for your continued support, you guys are awesome, have an AMAZING DAY!!! 

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