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About Darian

Hi! My name is Darian Brenner and I make a free webcomic called Vampire High School. It's is a creepy-cute webcomic about "sucking blood & hittin' the snooze button." Join BFFs Babs & Pippy and all their classmates on the endless quest for candy, romance, and other cures for boredom. If you wish Halloween was every day, subscribe to VHS!

To get an idea, read Vampire High School webcomic episodes here:

Take a look at the "Example Patron Posts" and "How I Started VHS" to learn about my comic and see what kind of content I post for patrons!

You can also click on "Vampire High School" to read all of VHS for free, on Patreon!

Currently I post a new comic every 2 weeks on Saturdays (3 times a month). This Patreon is a way for the fanpires to help me make Vampire High School the best it can possibly be! With more support, I can work on VHS more often, create cute new merch for the store, do livestreams of strip creation and more!


If you want to sponsor my Patreon, you can receive perks such as:
- Reading the new comics early (as soon as they are completed)
- Behind the Scenes process posts to see the creation of a strip from start to finish
- Posts about my creative & writing process, and what I am currently reading or doing in addition to working on Vampire High School
- Commissioned artwork of yourself as a Vampire High School student, and receive VHS merchandise in the mail!

Making a comic and working consistently is not easy, and in my posts I try to explain my own process and offer advice to other artists who struggle with similar hurdles, and hopefully inspire others to create. Some of my Patreon posts may be available free on my website or Twitter at later dates, such as tiled backgrounds, extra artwork, and blogs. I don't want to put up paywalls for true fans of VHS who are really interested in the process! This Patreon is for people who want to support me and help make the comic bigger and better. :)


I ask for patronage only when I release new episodes of Vampire High School, which happens one to three times a month. Patreon offers you the possibility to setup a maximum limit per month, so you are totally in control with your budget and safe if you want to support Vampire High School.


I was raised in Hell's Kitchen, NYC and currently live in New Orleans. I've been an artist since I could hold a crayon, and pursued the arts throughout high school and college. I received my BFA in Film & Animation from Rhode Island School of Design in 2012, and have since worked freelance in the video production world, usually as a cinematographer and editor. I've written and directed ,short films, stop-motion puppet animations, music videos and more, and some of them have a similar tone to Vampire High School. I've also co-founded Third Eye Film Festival, and triannual, female-driven curation of films in Horror, Fantasy, and Spiritual genres.
I LOVE the film world with all my heart, but I missed being able to create stories easily and without a skilled team to help me. Vampire High School was my perfect cure-all!!!
Your support on Patreon doesn't only support VHS, but also supports me as an artist and all of my projects!

XOXO Darian
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School supplies such as notebooks, pens, and pencil cases, more art prints by myself and other artists, stickers, and more!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
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