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About Darius Brasher


Howdy! I’m Darius Brasher, and I write superhero novels. Eleven-year-old me would squeal with delight if he knew this is what I would wind up doing as a grown-up. I was obsessed with superheroes when I was eleven. I still am.

I have three ongoing series, the Omega Superhero Series, the Sorceress Super Hero Series, and the Superhero Detective Series, all of which are available through Amazon and are a part of the Kindle Unlimited program. HERE is a link to all my books on Amazon. All the series are set in the same fictional universe in which superpowered people must become licensed by the government to legally use their powers.


I often have fans (I have fans! Yay! I love them all!) contact me and ask for things like autographed books, to find out the background of a character or a scene, to pick my brain as to how I came up with a story, how they can help me publish books faster, and a bunch of other things. So I thought I'd start this Patreon page through which people who enjoy my work can help me write more of it with a little financial support in exchange for special perks and rewards they can't get anywhere else and no one else will have access to. It's like us forming our very own superhero team to help each other. I'll need to do more crunches, though, if you expect me to squeeze into tights.

One hundred percent of any money you pledge will be poured into me producing more and better books--commissioning better covers, retaining more editors, hiring voice actors for audiobooks, researching a super-speed serum so I can write faster, that sort of thing. Unless you pledge enough for me to buy a tropical island. 'Cause tropical islands are awesome.

Whether you pledge one dollar a month or one million dollars a month (tropical islands aren't cheap, after all), know that I am grateful and I will make it more than worth your while.
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Ask Me Anything

Great Caesar's Ghost! Getting to $500 a month is a big bloody deal. In thanks, I will arrange an AMA (Ask Me Anything) online event during which you can ask me any question you want about my writing, my characters, my favorite books and TV shows, or absolutely anything else.

I reserve the right to lie through my teeth if you happen to ask something super personal like my measurements, bank passwords, or the number of romantic partners I've had. Otherwise, I'll tell the truth and shame the devil as my grandma used to say. (Now that I think about it, can the devil experience shame? It seems to me that being shameless is an important part of his gig. Old-timey expressions so rarely hold up under the harsh light of logic.)
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