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Did you just join my team of patrons?! Yes, yes you did. THANK YOU!  You really helped me out. In addition to this you can vote in polls hosted here, (Discord might be created later), and some Exclusive Patreon only content
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Along with all the things given to tiers below this one, you also get a shout out  in (youtube videos, and stories posted on DeviantArt). You also get to see the finish of videos/chapters a day before they're posted on other sites.
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 Along with all the things given to tiers below this one, you'll also be about to view all exclusive content posted on patreon, which includes sneak peaks of videos to be posted on youtube, as well as sneak peaks on chapters for the stories I got post on Deviant Art. 




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Just like any other Creative Person alive I have bills to pay and School that eats up my money that my not super high paying job give me. Course trying to create stuff cost time as well as money and while I do love creative work I can't invest too much time into it without at least getting some form of results to help stabilize my financial life. So any donation will greatly be appreciated and may even help me expand myself so creative work can be a full time thing.
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I'll start a discord or something lel
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