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Thank you so much for contributing this small amount to help keep Darkest101 Reviews going. While this tier doesn't offer and benefits it means a hell of a lot that'd you'd consider donating this to me. Thank you so much.
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Well you clearly enjoy a bit of pain otherwise why else would you donate this much to my little Patreon? Do you really wanna see the dumb stuff that got cut from my reviews that badly? Alright then. You asked for it.

For donating this much a month you get access to the D101 Blooper Reels!

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Well now you're just making me feel bad by donating this much. You must like causing pain. I like it. Well if that's the case then not only do you get access to the Blooper Reel but also extra content from my reviews. So yeah... enjoy that.




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About Darkest101 Reviews

Hello Patreon!

I'm Sam McCabe a.k.a. darkestsideofme101 and this is the Patreon for Darkest101 Reviews

Darkest101 Reviews is a series I've been making on my own since December 12th 2012, and while my first year reviews are not to be trusted as I was 16 and stupid when I made them, I still encourage you to check them out and laugh at the stupid haircuts.

But in all seriousness if you've been watching my reviews since 2012, since last week or if you're literally finding out about them through this Patreon, thank you. No seriously thank you. These videos I create were originally low quality low effort affairs that I'm more than  a little embarrassed about looking back. But  thanks to the continued support of anyone and everyone who watches my content I feel that not only have I improved but I've also grown as a content creator.

I initially started simply just doing reviews but as time went on I tried expanding into other areas. I tried a quick short burst review style that has sort of just faded away, a one-shot newsy update thing that I honestly don't want to remember, top tens that I still do semi-regularly and a general sort of open discussion platform. I also do work on a collaborative Abridged series of the anime Soul Eater with a couple of friends where I serve as the writer/director/editor. It's a hectic schedule let me tell you.

I've even started doing let's plays as well, something I never thought I would be doing when I started created videos. But there are still more things I want to do with my channel. Things like comic dubs and, strange as it might seem, book reviews. I want to try live streaming and expanding to more gaming consoles.

I'm not expecting a lot of people or really anyone to donate to this Patreon and honestly there are hell of a lot more patreons who deserve support more than me. I can still produce the kind of videos I make on the regular without Patreon Support. But any donations made to this patreon would mean the absolute world to me.

Thanks for checking out my Patreon guys. Goodnight everybody.
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Honestly I don't have much in the ways of Goals for this Patreon. I just hope this makes sure I never have too long a hiatus from making this content.
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