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About Dark-Genesys

Greetings my dearest Patreons!

The name's Dark Genesys, and I'm a hobbyist artist who loves to create both art and literature. I started first by creating art of Sonic characters, then furries, then I moved onto creating arts of dragons, and lastly I finally moved on to creating art of humans/humanoid characters (my personal favorite). Eventually I got into writing as well. When a friend of mines invited me to try out Minecraft, I hesitated greatly (but he insisted so bad, eventually I said yes). About a year later I learned about a supposed 'creepypasta' character named Herobrine. I did research on him to the point of obsession, and eventually found Herobrine x Reader stories. However... while most of them were pretty decent... none of them delivered a desired impact. Most scenarios take place in the reader being in 'High School' and only God knows how much I hated my school years. So, I came up with the idea of creating my very own Herobrine x Reader story, aimed towards older audiences, and the reader is around 25 years old, living on their own and having their own job. I didn't expect my story to become so popular... and loved. It made me happy to know I could create content that makes others happy!

Though I wish I could create so much more content, my life has been on a constant roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs (mostly downs), which prevent me from spending any decent time to work on my art or writing. Because of this, I hesitated to create a Patreon page, because I wasn't sure I could deliver enough content to my dear supporters. Now that I was able to quit 1 of my jobs, I can spend more time into creating content, and with your contribution, I will be able to spend even more time on delivering content for you guys! Even finally getting started on a sequel (of sorts) of the much requested Herobrine x Reader story! YAY!

So in just short words... if you truly enjoy my creations, show your love and support by following me on Patreon, and I will do my best to deliver the best content for all of you! Much love and appreciation! Love you guys!

Dark Genesys

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post