is creating a tool to sync Windows apps settings with the cloud

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Hello there!

You may have arrived here through a Medium story I published some time ago about an app that promises (and keeps up to its promise) to synchronize your windows apps settings with the cloud. I'm here to tell you that, yes, it's true and you're here to help me make it better for everyone around the world!

Long story short, I'm a software developer who's been programming since he remembers, who owes a lot of money to banks, has to maintain three families and pay rent, all with a single salary. Honestly, it's madness (not Sparta stage yet, but it's close). So I said, why don't I make something useful for someone to help me in this ordeal? Well, here it is. I'm sure you'll appreciate it as much as I will your support.

The idea with CloudSettings is this: You customize your apps to your liking, then sync those settings with your account online and when you're back in a clean, reinstalled computer or a different environment, you can restore those settings and feel at home again - or at least comfortable with your usual settings. That's the idea.

For now it only supports a single app (Visual Studio Code. Great editor by the way) but the idea is to improve it with new scripts to support new apps. The idea with Patreon, aside from helping me in this tight situation, is to also drive the project's goal to something that the IT community can and will use, to something that it'll be really useful instead of just another random tool in your toolbox. I might like CCleaner, Speccy, and Atom, but you might like Sublime and Brackets. The idea is to make something that others can use, not just me. Not everyone is like me (it'd be a boring world, reaaaaaally, I can barely stand myself xD).

So yeah, welcome to my Patreon page! hopefully this message will reach out to a lot of people and something great might come out of this! 

Here's a sneak peek of the app:

Link: https://cloudsettings.eoscr.com

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With this goal I'll start adding at least 1 app a month (depending on its complexity, of course), either chosen by me or the community. We'll have rounds of app choosing before I'll start my sprint.
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