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My eternal thanks and gratitude. Access to my patreon only blog, which gives updated information and upcoming Youtube videos and streaming scedule.
These will also include video sneak peeks of upcoming projects, as well as bloopers taken out from my Youtube videos. The links to the videos will be posted on the patreon blog. Also, you will have access to un-publicly released videos.

A buck a month is more than anybody can ask for, and since I have some pretty good survival skills, a few bucks can last me a long time.
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Everything above, plus, your name will be added to my stream chat list. During my live streams, you will be able to chat with me while I'm streaming. This will start in April of this year.



About Darkkefka

I just started my patreon. It has always been my dream to make a living doing something I enjoy. What I love most is video games. I started making videos on youtube back in 2006. I never thought it would be so fun and enjoyable to make entertaining videos for people to watch. It also made me a lot of new friends.

I want to make youtube and gaming my full-time job. In order to do that, I need to be able to play my games anytime I wish, and I can't do it without your support. Especially since youtube's flagging system has gotten out of control. I also do live streams on twitch should you wish to support me there.

I just started my patreon. Pledge rewards will begin on 8/11. I may add more pledges and edit current one later as time goes on.
9% complete
Internet bill, light bill to keep the light on, phone, car expenses to be able to leave my house when needed, basically everything I need to keep me on my feet. Whatever I have left after that will be used to by more games and upgraded equipment to create even more content. 
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