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is creating A feature length Lego brickfilm based on the Avengers movies
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Really even a dollar is helpful :), ill make sure to contact you personally however I can with a personalized thank you and really it just helps out :). 
Thank you so much.
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Five dollars really helps out. I'll make sure to personally message you with a Thank you and get you a behind the scenes look at everything i'm doing for this film.
Really, Thank you.
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Ten dollars is MASSIVE. This helps me tremendously to create this film for all of you to see. I will make sure to personally contact you with a thank you, get you a behind the scenes look, and allow you to see a whole fourth of the film (around 30 minutes) two weeks before the official release :).




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About Max Megas

I know it says per month, but after 3 months I will be ending this Patreon, so if there are some of you who worry about payment after 3 months, no need to worry. Hi. I'm DarkLightPictures, or really Max Megas. Ever since early 2014 I've been on Youtube trying to fulfill my creative needs with these Lego videos, or brickfilms as they are more frequently referred to as. I am beginning my final year of high school and it's soon time that I hang up the towel. Meaning I will be ending this brickfilm career as I move into college next year and continue to strive to become what I dream to be in the film industry. Of course, I can't leave you guys without a proper ending. So I've decided to make a 2-hour feature-length brickfilm, for the upcoming 2019 Marvel movie, Avengers 4. Of course, we don't know the title yet, or much of the plot, but through hours of research, years of movies and TV shows watched, and comics read, I have come up with and still am coming up with my own thoughts on how the movie will go down. I plan to make the Avengers 4 movie in Lego in my own way but try to make it as close to the actual movie as possible. Everything will tie into the other many Marvel movies just as if it was the actual movie itself. Now this is where I ask a big favor from you guys, this is obviously going to take a while and be an expensive film to make. I hate asking for donations when really I should just pay for it on my own, but I do ask because money will help to make this the best possible film it can be. Yes I'm a teenager and I should use my own money but sadly with the things needed outside of YouTube, I can't afford to create this film. I've made this Patreon hoping that you guys wouldn't mind helping. This is the only creation I am making, so this is a one time thing. I tried to give the best rewards but really couldn't think of the best stuff. If you guys can think of anything better, feel free to let me know! This film should be the best it can be, but without advanced equipment, sets, figures, lighting, and people to help me create this, it won't be. It should be something amazing, I want to go out with everyone happy with what I've done , and be glad that they watched it . You guys should get what you deserve as a proper send-off. I am grateful for everything, and if I get nothing I will still try my best to create what I can because again, it's what you all deserve. I love making these videos, I love writing, I love creating, and this might be my last chance to make something like this for a while. Of course you can tell that this is very similar to what Huxley Berg Studios is doing, and I have nothing but respect to him. I made sure to get his permission to do this before anything else, and props to him for being so kind and understanding . I really am not trying to steal any of his ideas if that's what it seems like, I really have just strived to make this video, and his Deadpool idea inspired me. If you want to see this come to life then feel free to donate, and make sure to follow my social media's to keep up to date with behind the scenes and such. As well as a behind the scenes video I am making which I plan to release a day after I release this film. And of course, the release date for this actual film is April 20th, 2019 . I plan to release shorts every now and then beforehand. Thank you all for everything you do, and I hope this excites you.
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I know that is a lot to ask for. Even getting a dollar is so much, really. This goal is just really what I would fully allow the film to reach its full potential, I believe that this is a lot to ask for and that it is possible for me to create this without it, but this goal is what would make it even more worth it, and it would allow it to be the best it can be.
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