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Hi! I'm DarkMorford, and I run Minecraft servers for LoadingReadyRun fans and associated communities. At the moment, I'm in charge of vanilla and modded Minecraft servers for the LRR community, and a vanilla server for Kate Stark.

Two of the servers (the LRR modded server and Kate's) are hosted at CreeperHost, and I self-host the LRR vanilla server. I'd like to move that third server to a hosting provider, and the modded server is in desperate need of a service upgrade, but I need your help to do it!

Here are the specs for the two hosted servers as of 2017-04-29:
LRR Modded
  • 3 cores @ 3.50 GHz
  • 4.5GB memory
  • 36GB disk
Kate Stark Vanilla
  • 2 cores @ 3.40 GHz
  • 1.5GB memory
  • 15GB disk
Since I self-host the LRR vanilla server, it's difficult to say exactly what resources are available to it. Suffice to say there aren't any pressing issues.

Want to play?

The two LoadingReadyRun servers are open to the public, though there are whitelist/permission systems in place to prevent random griefers from logging on and messing with things. The vanilla server is at minecraft.darkmorford.net (map) and the modded server is at ftb.lrrcraft.com (map). The best way to get in touch with me for whitelisting is through the #minecraft channel on LoadingReadyRun's Discord server, or on Twitch. Just message me with the server you want to get on the list for and your Minecraft username, and I'll let you know when I add you, usually within a day or so.
Kate's server is limited to her Twitch subscribers, so I won't be posting the server address here. You'll need to link your Twitch and Discord accounts to access her Discord server, and the address can be found in the #minecraft channel there. Again, contact me to get added to the permission list.

What's this "self-hosting" business?

The LRR vanilla Minecraft server currently runs on a computer in my apartment. While this has the advantage of costing less than a hosting provider like CreeperHost, it means that I'm the only tech support available, and if something happens to my internet connection (a power outage, for example) it will affect the server as well.
One of the Patreon goals is to move this server from my computer to CreeperHost, which puts it in the hands of their tech support team and isolates it from any personal internet issues I might have. There will be some downtime while I set up the new machine and copy the world over, but once that's done there should be little or no difference in how the server functions.
$10 of $35 per month
The LRR modded server gets upgraded to the beefiest package CreeperHost offers!
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