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is creating Traditional Drawing, Fan Art, Webcomics and Character Designs

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Hi I am Mark Yap aka the DarkMotoMark as my in game name for several games that I'm playing with. I love to read comic books, collect toys, and most of all, I like to draw, illustrate and create stories out of them. While I don't consider myself as a professional artist, I strive to pursue this hobby that I love the most and this is the reason why I set up this patreon account.

Patreon and You
With pledges, you'll be able to support my adventures through creating works of art, and see me as I hone and grow my skills into a better artist. In doing so, you get to have your name on the credits in whatever personal projects that I will have in the future. Be it comic books, Video Games or whatever that may be. Not only that, you'll have access to some of the rewards and other behind-the-scene files that I upload here exclusive to my Patrons!

If you're a budding artist, you might learn also from the contents that I'll be releasing.

What sort of Content?
I love creating fan art and as I've said I love to play games and read comic books, meaning I love to make fan arts in my own style. I mostly enjoy sketching and I do occasional character design so whatever I'm working on, Ill share it with you as my appreciation for all your support.

Here's how Patreon Content Cycle Works!
Basically Each month has up to two Batches of contents (1 art project per week)
Each Batch is a cycle of two weeks (1/2 month)
Batch 1 is first half of the month and Batch 2 is last half of the month.
Both of the contents get processed at the start of next month and sent out shortly after.
$0 of $100 per month
We are very delighted to inform you that Sunless city is now open for business!

Construction of Sunless City's website. All pages, character designs and sketches of my upcoming webcomic will be stored and published there. The website will also contain the list of sunless city's patreons and contributor.
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